Microsoft Corporation To Release Surface Phones After Lumia 650


The Microsoft Lumia series of devices are a case of a device which began as a badly received product back when it started, and by the time the company decided to (allegedly) pull the trigger on it, it has become a nightmare! The company has been trying to beat a dead horse here, and has been making major losses. Last year, the reports indicated that the company had lost out close to $8 Billion in the mobile phones division, and the results then showed that they had to let go 7800 employees. Microsoft Corporation has recently announced that the market share of windows mobiles fell by 50% last year. It is now expected that they will drop the Lumia series to work on the Surface Phones instead. lumia_650

 Microsoft was reportedly working on the Lumia 650 and Lumia 850 devices before these reports rolled in, and it is expected that these phones would still be releasing, but will be the last of the Lumia phones.
 Microsoft is expected to rebrand the 850 as the 650 XL, and the Lumia 650 and 650 XL will represent the last of Microsoft Corporation made Lumia devices. The focus  hereon would still be on the Windows 10 mobiles, but not the Lumia series. Microsoft is now expected to finally start off with the Surface phones, which are actually expected to sell quite well in the markets, as they will be riding off the momentum of the other surface devices.
 Microsoft also needs to bring in a design overhaul, as the Lumia designs have been quite stale by now. Microsoft is likely to be working on the next-gen of surface devices since as early as late September last year, and the phone has been in a development stage.

Rumors of a Surface Mini were confirmed earlier on, and it is expected that Microsoft Corporation might actually end up releasing the surface mini in a manner that it actually releases as the Surface Phone devices.


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