Divorce lawyers reveal VERY incriminating secrets


Divorce is never going to be completely smooth sailing, especially if the break up was acrimonious.

But relations would probably be even more bitter if people knew the very juicy secrets their partners were keeping from them throughout the marriage. 

Divorce lawyers have taken to Reddit to reveal the biggest things the clients were hiding from their spouses, from secret fortunes to second families. 

Divorce lawyers of Reddit have revealed the huge secrets their clients were keeping from their spouses, including addictions, secret families and hidden fortunes (picture posed by models)

One woman recalled an elderly gentleman client with a pastor son who seemed utterly respectable. 

But he confessed he was worried his wife would find out about his interests in pornography and use it against him in the proceedings, especially as he had a particular penchant for goats. 

One man almost managed to get away with hiding his secret, until his two wives discovered each other on Facebook. 

And it turned out that he had a third secret family in the Czech republic where he fled to avoid the family courts.  

One man's disturbing penchant for pornography involving goats emerged during conversations with his divorce lawyer

One man was juggling not just one secret wife and family but two, and was found out after two of his spouses made connections on Facebook 

One woman continued having affairs throughout her marriages - with her own stepbrother 

A man lied to his wife about having a chronic illness to avoid providing for his family 

A husband who claimed he was on an overseas trip was secretly in jail 

A wife attempted to cover up her lottery win so she wouldn't have to share it with her husband 

Hidden debts are a common secret among spouses, according to divorce lawyers

The big secret in one marriage was that they were actually husband and wife at all as the man had arranged a sham wedding 

One man's ex wife started using the child support payments he was making to have gender reassignment surgery 

Enthusiastic Beanie Baby collectors tried to hide their best finds from each other 



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