Johnny Vegas makes a teapot in ONE MINUTE


It’s no secret that comedian Johnny Vegas has talent – but few would have guessed he was a skilled potter.

The comedian left viewers stunned as he expertly crafted a teapot from a lump of raw clay in just 60 seconds during a guest appearance on BBC show The Great Pottery Throw Down.   

It was revealed on the show that only does Johnny, 46, have a degree in ceramics, a teapot he made is part of a display at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.  

It prompted one gobsmacked viewer to tweet that Vegas had ‘blown my mind’.


Comedian Johnny Vegas appeared on The Great Pottery Throw Down as a guest judge - and impressed with his teapot-making skills 

Johnny stunned viewers as he made the functioning teapot in under 60 seconds and was able to pour water from it

Jaws dropped as viewers watching at home quickly took to Twitter to share their amazement

Other fans also chimed in on the impressive feat after he proved his speedy creation worked by pouring water from it.

‘Seeing Johnny Vegas make a teapot on #PotteryThrowdown in a minute is one of the most surreal things I’ve seen on TV,’ one viewer posted.

‘I now fully see why they had you on PG Tips adverts @JohnnyVegasrReal. Making a teapot in 1 minute! Brilliant,’ another said. 

Johnny, who is better known for his risque gags, revealed all about his passion for pottery on the show. 

He explained he has a degree in arts and ceramics from Middlesex University, where he was even taught by a judge on the show, Kate Malone.

Kate also shared how one of Johnny’s teapots also sits in a display in the V&A Museum in London. 

The four remaining semi-finalists of the pottery competition show watched on as he expertly used the pottery wheel

Johnny made the pot from a piece of raw clay

Presenter Sara Cox was on hand with the stopwatch while judges Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones watched Johnny show off his skills

The final part of the challenge was to make sure that the teapot fully worked, as Johnny filled it with water

Johnny set the remaining four contestants of the show a challenge to make a teapot, before demonstrating himself what he wanted.

After gawping in amazement the contestants then attempted the challenge themselves with some shocking results. 

Freya came out on top after making five in five minutes, while male model Ryan failed to make the right amount.




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