Review: Mushroomhead – Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children

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Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, Mushroomhead’s latest release, has kept the same distinctive sound the band presented over a decade ago. The album is of a high visual standard (the packaging is extremely impressive; first class manufacturing giving the buyer their money worth) but unfortunately lacks elements in regards to songwriting and delivery, resulting in it being mediocre overall. A little disappointing considering it took them almost 5 years to release it. One would expect slightly more for a comeback.

Tracks like “Holes In The Void are one of the few exceptions proving that these masked members from Cleveland, Ohio still have it in them. Commencing with an effective build up on the vocals and instrumentals, reminiscent of their 2001 album XX, drives the song to a powerful, energetic yet mellow climax. Musically, if you disregard the songwriting, Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children displays qualitative musicianship, which unfortunately isn’t quite sufficient for anyone waiting nearly half a decade for the release.

Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children is the type of album that makes for occasional listening but not quite exciting enough to dig through your collection for more. It is of moderate standard, but credit does have to be given for not having lost their characteristic approach to metal. Hopefully this is but a new start for better future releases. (Megaforce)

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

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