Megan, Milo and New York Comic Con

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New York Comic Con is the Big Apple’s annual convention of all things graphic novel, anime, manga, toys and television. Held yearly at the Jacob K. Kavits Convention Center, the event is the best opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with some of their favorite on-screen personalities. Alongside a horde of costumed enthusiasts, our own Megan Toscano braved the masses to soak in the three-day fun. She got to hang out with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, sat in on the Nikita and Robot Chicken panel and took photos of that other guy from The Vampire Diaries.

We arrive around 5pm and the floor is crowded with people in outrageous costumes. We run into Wolverine and Superman, and my friend Beth doesn’t realize the guy is dressed up as Clark Kent. This moment became the running joke the whole weekend. We check the schedule for IGN Theater and decide the best thing to do before our late night spotlight is the Robot Chicken panel, half because of Seth Green, and the other half because of we’re sure it’ll result in hysterical laughter. The line is HUGE. We wait on it anyway. Beth is ridiculously excited that she bought a Power Rangers shirt, but upset that she didn’t get a Legolas action figure (this results in torment the rest of the night when we realize the floor is closed after the panel and she can’t purchase it).

Macaulay Culkin is randomly included in the panel because he’s guest starring in the Christmas special. Some boy asks where he’s been for the last ten years. He laughs and states, “Around.” They are all wearing silly hats. Seth Green goes off on a tangent about how awesome and cool Zac Efron is, and the audience isn’t very amused, because I think they all decided to hate Zac Efron once High School Musical was released.

The Top Cow panel begins and we sit through a half hour or so of the pilot season comics and a short discussion of what’s going on in each story. Milo Ventimiglia joins the panel eventually, introducing the Rest hardcover. The amount of Gilmore Girls/Heroes fans in the audience is insanely noticeable. Milo states that if they were to make a film of Gilmore Girls he would no doubt reprise his role as Jess. He claims he’s the best character he’s ever played.

Beth and I finally get up to Milo and I introduce myself and he replies with, “Hey, I’m Milo, nice to meet you,” to which I say, “I already knew that.” He smiles and laughs and signs my book and we talk about nothing in particular. I am as happy as a kid with candy. Beth gets up and asks him to take a video for her friend Alaina, who unfortunately was on the bus and couldn’t make it to us for Saturday. He says of course and grabs the camera, and continues to be awesome, along with Russ:

I have a short conversation with one of the guys about my costume (Silk Spectre) and how he originally wanted to come dressed up as the same thing. I tell him next year I can do his hair and we can dress up together.

The official count of how many teenage boys with iPhones who have a picture of me in my Silk Spectre outfit: 14.

There’s some subway trouble and we end up getting there around 9:30, Beth sneaks me in a bagel after they eat breakfast because I was holding our seats. The bagel is ROCK HARD. Warning: Never purchase a bagel from comic con. Except maybe the first day when they are made.

The Nikita panel starts first and they show a preview of the next episode, and I kind of love it – even though it’s starting to feel more dramatic then before, and there’s some torture involved. The whole cast is very gracious and informative, and seem to be enjoying themselves. This one girl keeps up her question for what seems like forever. She wants them to do a crossover, but only suggests shows that have already been cancelled. She gets a few boos. The panel ends and 15 minutes later (always running late, NYCC!) the Vampire Diaries panels starts. Unfortunately, there was no Ian Somerhalder or serious main cast, and the producers took most of the questions. The person mediating the discussion didn’t allow for fan questions until a bit after the panel, which lasted around 45 minutes or so. In other news, Katerina Graham and Steven McQueen were cozy as hell. If they aren’t dating, then I don’t know what is going on – but there’s definitely some lust going down in that particular relationship.

Beth and I finally get to Steven and Katerina (who’s wearing black mini gloves and a corset top by the way … just, no), and I tell Steven he’s looking sharp, to which he replies,”Gotta look sharp for Power Ranger over there.” He was of course, referring to Beth in her Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers shirt.

That shirt paid off after all.


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